Convert Tiff To PDF File Format

How To Batch Convert Tiff To PDF File Format?


Summary:- Are you one of those users who are constantly searching for a solution to batch convert TIFF to PDF. If yes, then you are at the correct location where you supposed to be. Through this blog, we will discuss about both formats in brief and a reliable solution to help users resolve this query easily.

Brief Preface About TIFF & PDF File Format:-

TIFF Format:-

Tiff is an image file extension that stores high resolution images with raster graphics. It is widely known among the graphic designers, Publishing industry, Photographers and so on. Along with that this format is also endorsed by scanning, faxing, OCR, word processing and desktop manipulation.

Therefore, users can also batch convert TIFF to PDF file by using a Free method. But, there is no guarantee that users will get satisfactory results. Moreover, it is also not guarantee that the manual method will maintain the image quality. Because TIFF images are heavy in resolution and utilizing these type method can harm the resolution.

PDF File Format:-

PDF as well all know is a portable document format that can be used to present documents that consists of text, image and multimedia elements, web pages, links etc. Along with that, it also provides wide features of variety of features. This format is used by almost everyone and every organizations now a days. It offers wide range of security features and with this format users can also encrypt their PDF file.

User’s Query

“Hi there, my name is Sabrina and I work as graphic designer and I have many TIFF files stored in my computer. Now, I need to showcase these files and share it with some of my clients. That is why I wanted to convert TIFF to PDF file format. I have tried almost every online applications that claims to provide accurate results, but I was unable to get any results. Can you please suggest me a quick and easy solution to export Tiff file to PDF? – Sabrina Edwards”

How Can I Convert TIFF File to PDF in Bulk?

Well, there are many third party software available to solve this kind of query. But for this procedure, we recommend the Image Converter Tool. This application allows users to batch convert Tiff to PDF file format and along with that it also provides multiple saving formats as well. With this tool, there is 100% guarantee that results will be 100% accurate without even damaging your data or leaking any private information.

How Can Use this TIFF to PDF Converter?

In order to batch convert TIFF to PDF file, follow these below mentioned instructions:-

  1. Firstly, download and launch this tool on your system.
  2. Afterwards select file or folder option to add your TIFF files.
  3. With this tool, you can also view your files before the procedure.
  4. Tap on the Next button after successfully viewing the files.
  5. Select PDF as your export format and hit on the Convert tab.

What Makes this Software Unique than any other Applications?

  1. This software not only allows users to batch convert TIFF to PDF but it also provides them multiple saving option to export their files into.
  2. Users can easily add a single Tiff files or they can add full folder both items can be added in bulk.
  3. Moreover, this application also allows users to add multiple images in one PDF page without even damaging the quality and resolution of the TIFF files.
  4. With the help of this tool users can encrypt their files by just simple adding Passwords and restrictions.
  5. Along with that, this software provides page layout settings for PDF Files.
  6. You can Preview you files before the conversion procedure.
  7. This application is compatible with all the version of Windows OS. It supports Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 and Windows XP. No matter what version the user is currently using for this procedure. This tool will run on all.

Summing It Up:-

In this upcoming write up, we have discussed how users can batch convert TIFF to PDF File. Apart from this, we have also mentioned an effective method that will help users to put this query to an end.

Since there is no direct method available for this procedure, even if there was, converting one image at a one time would have taken hours if you happen to have Tiff files in bulk. So, to save from all this trouble we highly recommend the automated solution that we have previously stated in this blog.