Dream11 Clone App Development

Explore The Gaming Industry With Your Dream11 Clone App Development


Who would not love to watch sports matches? Almost everyone has their own favorite sport and favorite players from the field. What if the users are blessed with a valid opportunity to put forth their predictions and get profit from it? Yes, it is indeed possible with your Dream11 Clone app development.

Through this fantasy sports platform, a sports enthusiast can create a team with real players, and they get rewards based on the scores achieved by the real players. This urged the users to utilize the app to gain money by just applying their sports knowledge to it.

Reminiscing The Growth Of Dream11:

Watching the tournament and simultaneously gaining money is the key success factor of this Fantasy sports Dream11 app. Isn’t it a dream come true for the sports freaks?

Dream11 is an Indian-based fantasy sports app launched in the year 2008. Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth are the pioneers of establishing such an alluring fantasy sports app and driving the sports freaks from all parts of the world to gather in a single platform.

Moreover, the Dream11 app includes fantasy sports like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, and kabbadi. Gradually and steadily, this platform witnessed immense growth. In 2014 it had only 1 million registered users, whereas now it holds more than 140 million registered users. Without a doubt, fantasy sports are becoming the most popular entertainment source in the digital era, and in the upcoming years, the gaming industry will affirm humongous growth.

Why Should You Start A Fantasy Sports App?

If you have been still doubtful about whether to get ahead with a Fantasy cricket app like Dream11, the upcoming facts and statistics will provoke you to venture instantly. The main eye-catchy details of fantasy sports apps are that the spectators get a chance to play virtual sports and simultaneously view the live match

Apart from these, the Dream11 app has built its infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, making it more prominent and sustainable as a competitive platform in the market. According to recent news on Economic Times, the Dream11 platform is seeking a way to US listings by the end of the year 2022. Thereby, it is expected to have twice the growth in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the Dream11 parent company raised $840 million from prominent investors led by Falcon Edge, Tiger Global, and others, and its worth increased to $8 billion. Thus Dream11 sports is considered to be India’s largest and fastest-growing fantasy sports app.

Enticing Things About Dream11 Clone:

Tobe precise, the Dream11 clone is a replica solution that thereby obtains the attributes of the existing fantasy sports app. In addition to this, the entrepreneurs can customize the clone script based on their business requirements. And enhance the app’s flow with the integration of enormous features.

In order to build a fantasy sports app, budding entrepreneurs can consider two methods. First and foremost, you can opt for developing an app from its ground level. Like you need to focus on the research for the development of an app. Gathering all the required equipment and ideas to launch a robust app.

Secondly, the Dream11 clone script is the most preferred method by entrepreneurs. In this case, the development process does not require to be started from scratch. In addition to this, the ready-to-launch solution helps you to enter the competitive market without much delay. Even if you are not tech-savvy, through the MVP, you can flourish in the gaming industry. Thereby, you can reach out to nearby app development firms to grab your clone script solution.

What Are The Features Required To Be Integrated Into Dream11 Clone Script?

When you have intended to develop a fantasy cricket app like Dream11, it is essential to integrate them with notable features. Which subsequently helps your platform with enhanced functionality and seamless flow in the upcoming years.

  • Quick Onboard — You can allow your valuable users to sign up for your platform using various source of methods. For instance, they can use email IDs, phone numbers, social media accounts, and many other platforms. This helps them to quickly venture into the app to create a team and also saves time for the users every time they log in to your platform.
  • Live Scores — Now, the users can stay updated with the match’s live scores; on the other hand, they can continue creating a team and play virtually with the actual team players.
  • Live Commentary — Live commentary is the essence of the tournaments, and in such cases, users who had missed watching their favorite sports can read the blog with the live commentary.
  • Pre-Match Analysis — This platform is completely based on prediction, and having a pre-match analysis of the pitch is a great advantage for the users. In this way, a user will get a detailed analysis of the pitch, climate condition, and also other factors that determine the results of the match. Thereby, the sports freaks can choose wisely before moving on with any predictions.
  • Tournament Creation — The Dream11 clone app allows users to create a tournament. Also, it includes the details regarding the entry fees, winning amount, name of the tournament, and also other further information.
  • In-App Payment Gateway — To make your users more convenient, you can make them avail of the in-app payment gateway. This makes them utilize any payment method in the easiest manner
  • Push Notifications — Receiving instant notifications regarding the match, such as the boundaries, wickets, and others, will spice up the curiosity of the players.
  • Invite & Earn — Through the referral option, the users can join into the app using the invite link.
  • Admin Dashboard — With the help of the effective admin dashboard, you can monitor and manage the app’s functionalities and user activity.

Get To Know Its Revenue Model:

When it comes to the ways to generate revenue, this fantasy sports app brings numerous profits. For instance, the Dream11 parent company has generated revenue of Rs 2,070.4 crore and is expected to grow even bigger soon. Likewise, launching an app like Dream11 would definitely uplift your business in the online gaming industry. A few familiar ways to fill up your pockets are listed below.

  • Contest Commission
  • In-App Advertising
  • Paid Features

Winding Up,

To conclude, you can start exploring the online gaming industry with your Dream11 Clone Script. Launch the dashing fantasy sports app and allure the sports geeks to the next level of gaming experience that’s captivated enough to earn, based on their sports knowledge.