Google Announces September 2022 Core Algorithm Update

Google Announces September 2022 Core Algorithm Update

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On September 12, 2022, Google announced a Core Algorithm Update. According to the official Google list of announced improvements, the rollout might take up to two weeks.

Although certain affiliate marketing Facebook groups were conspicuously quiet, the early response from the search community was generally favorable.

Update to the Core Algorithm

Google announces a fundamental algorithm update when changes are significant enough to affect publishers and search marketers.

The update news was tweeted by the Official Google Search Central account.

A core algorithm update is a modification to various components of Google’s algorithm.

While the algorithm is always changing, a core algorithm upgrade is more visible.

Expect to notice changes to the algorithm in the coming days when the improvements are rolled out to data centers.

There is no evidence of how this affects search engine results pages (SERPs) throughout the world or in different languages.

Because these kinds of modifications are more generic, it is likely that this will affect search results in most languages.

That appears to be a generic statement, and I would not interpret it to indicate that a core update WILL be more evident in a core update.

It’s worth noting that Danny began his remark with a “maybe.”

That being said,

the helpful content is a component of the core algorithm and is constantly operating, thus a new website can be influence by that algorithm component known as the Helpful Content Update (HCU).

Unless Google explicitly states that the Helpful Content Release is a big component of this core update,

it may be premature to conclude that it is being boosted in this September Core update.

Despite some early forecasts that the HCU would revolutionize everything, the search world simply shrugs it off.

Some people believe that the HCU will come back stronger with a core upgrade.

However, I disagree.

On August 19th, I said on my Facebook page that based on the effectiveness of such targeted upgrades in the past.

The review updates and other spam updates had no effect on the industry. The most obvious offenders bore the brunt of the punishment.

Because the HCU was also target,

the statement specifically mentioned terrible instances, I assumed that the HCU would have no effect on the typical website.

How to React to a Core Update?

However, the response in other affiliate marketing venues was quiet, with few comments.

The best strategy, for now, is to monitor changes in the search console but not to respond to them.

For the next few weeks, search results may fluctuate.

Allow the search results to settle before attempting to decipher them.