Uber For Beauty App

Groom Your Business By Launching An Astonishing Uber For Beauty App


The world of on-demand apps has let people seek instant gratification, leaving them with no patience to wait for acquiring beauty services. Realizing the needs of the users, Uber for beauty app comes to the aid. Its objective is to provide all sorts of salon services to the users in just a few taps.

It does not just help people to acquire service with utmost convenience. Alongside, it also provides lucrative opportunities for service providers/entrepreneurs to build their online presence and expand their business with on-demand beauty app development.

How Can A Business Make Use Of Uber For Beauty App Solution?

  • Brand own model: Renowned beauty brands can establish their online presence by creating a dedicated app. If you already own a salon or spa, these apps make beauty services easily accessible to your customers. Thereby, it helps you to expand your business locally.
  • Aggregator beauty service app: For entrepreneurs who wish to establish a beauty service business with much less investment, the Uber for beautician app is for you. You can partner with beauty salons or spas services in your area and list their services in the app. For every booking that happens through the app, you can generate revenue by charging a commission fee.

Why Go For On-demand Beauty App Development?

  • Undeniably, on-demand apps increase your visibility which maximizes the number of bookings for your service.
  • The feedback system gives you knowledge on the areas you can improve
  • Users can get to choose their preferred service who then turns out to be your loyal customers.

Is It Worth The Investment?

The global beauty industry is exponentially growing, and beauty brands are looking for better alternatives to extend their services.

  • Currently, the global beauty industry is worth $532 billion, and it is expected to reach $716.6 billion by 2025.
  • An average woman spends around $225,000 on skincare alone in her lifetime
  • Out of 1.2 million beauty professionals in the U.S., almost 70% have started marketing themselves through mobile applications.

Looking at the above statistics, it is crystal clear that the time is ripe for businesses that want to thrive in the on-demand beauty sector.

How To Scale Your Business?

Are you interested in setting your feet in the global beauty industry? If so, merely developing an app doesn’t help in fetching good profits. In addition to that, you can experiment and inculcate unique ideas that can shine a light on your brand in the market. Taking this into consideration, we can take a look at some of the following ideas.

• Add new categories:

Providing different services like Ayurveda, Aquatic therapy, Laser, Nutrition consulting, etc., can add value to your offerings.

• Integrate eCommerce platform: 

Establishing online stores to sell beauty and wellness products in your app helps you generate more revenue.

• Subscription Kits: 

Subscription boxes can contain beauty products that users can buy for a monthly price. It would aid users to stay true to their everyday beauty regime.

• Offline model: 

Once you successfully establish your brand mark, you can set up an offline store and make money from a franchise model.

Extend Your Offering To Expand The Customer Base

Different services that you can provide in your Uber for beautician app include,

  • Salon services at home
  • Hire a beauty professional for an occasion
  • Home delivery of the beauty products
  • Skincare and wellness services
  • Appointment booking in beauty salons and so on.

Monetization Opportunities By On-demand Uber For Beauty App

On-demand beauty app offers businesses to make multi-fold revenue. Some of the most common ways are,

Featured Listings:

The apps can feature service providers at the top of the search list to advertise their services and grab user attention. In return, you can charge a specific amount from the service provider for improving their visibility to the audience.


For every beauty service booking through the app, the owner can obtain a commission fee from the salons and beauticians. A commission-based model ensures a continuous revenue flow for the business.

eCommerce earnings:

You can add an online beauty store in your app where users can purchase beauty and wellness products. This sets up a parallel revenue stream for the business as well as boosts up user engagement.

Ads Selling:

Another way of earning money is by advertising any beauty-related brands in the app. The app owners can charge a pre-decided price for the advertising business.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber For Beauty Service App?

There is no straightforward answer to this. But let us look at a couple of factors that directly impact the app development cost.
• Based on the app platform
• The complexity of the app’s design
• Third-party integrations you add to enhance the app’s functionality and so on.

Wrapping up,

If you’re looking for ways to outgrow your brand and set up a steady stream of revenue, going for on-demand beauty app development is a great way. Serve your customers at their convenience and earn profits right away with a robust beauty app solution.