Reliable Printing Strategy

How a Reliable Printing Strategy Can Improve the Healthcare Process

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Healthcare processes are always looking for such ways which helps to streamline their workflow. The reason is these organizations are handling a lot of technological operations so managing these tasks while maintaining cost and security becomes difficult. In addition, patients also need to wait for longer for their check ups or other health care services.

Moreover, the continuous upgrading of technology also increases the workload of these health care units. Now you might be wondering where the printing management solutions fits in all of these complexity. In fact, print management has a large role in lowering the complexity of healthcare departments and increasing the security. In addition, the optimized printing helps to save a lot of time and patients don’t need to wait longer to get their results.

Let’s see briefly how reliable printing eases the workflow in hospitals and other healthcare units.

Benefits Of Reliable Printing In Health Care Department

Print Management can enhance the healthcare processes in the following ways.

  • Streamline The Complex IT Environment

The printers handle 60% of the hospital’s workflow. From generating reports for patients to doctors, printers are facilitating most of the hospital tasks. To operate these printing processes there are alot of healthcare-specific applications such as McKesson, Cerner, Epic, and NexGen etc which needs to be handled by the IT team. What print management plays a role here is to unite these applications and plug them in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft WVD and RDS, desktop and server-free printing settings. Once all of the connections become unified it becomes easy to operate and then generate printing results.

  • Protecting Patient’s Privacy

Health care departments must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which stipulates that sensitive health information about patients will not be released without the patient’s consent. If any healthcare provider fails to uphold this rule or if their patients’ information is exposed, they may face sanctions. To avoid this issue, print management also offers services for securing sensitive medical information.

These print management systems include proprietary software that safeguards the patient’s private and sensitive information. This information is not available to everyone.

Whenever, these sensitive documents are sent to printers for printing, the printers don’t print them instantly. The authorized person needs to go to printers and enter their ID. After that, the printer provides the secure printing results. These results can be sealed instantly for more safety.

Provides Maintenance Services

Because printers are used for the majority of healthcare department tasks, if any of these printers run out then your hospitals may need to suffer downtime. Patient’s are anxious for their reports and if you can’t offer reports immediately to your patient’s then you may lose reliability.

Print management services maintain printers and inspect them on a regular basis to ensure that they do not cease operation during working. Furthermore, these management services schedule appointments with specialists who may check all of your printers on a regular basis.

Additionally, these management services keep track of print backups, such as ink toners or ink cartridges. If a hospital’s print cartridge stock is going to run out, the management immediately alerts the hospital managers.

  • Reduces Cost

As most of the hospital tasks are done through printing, they need to spend a high portion of their annual budget on printing documents and managing them. Furthermore, their printers, scanners, and multi-function gadgets become frequently inefficient or antiquated. According to research, an average 500-bed hospital spends more than $1.4 million each year to print 35 million pages.

Managed Print Services comes there to save hospitals from these hefty expenses and allows healthcare firms to increase operations while also lowering expenses.Print management saves money by simplifying your printing processes. They reject needless printing jobs or coloured draughts, allowing your firm to save money on ink and paper as well.

Furthermore, print management services have agreements with ink cartridge and printed paper producers that provide them with savings. As a result, these services give you ink and paper at a lesser cost than the market price.

Evaluation of the Printing Task

Hospital administrators must inspect the printing environment to ensure that the printers are operating properly and that the printing costs are being used wisely. Print Management can also help you with this work by providing you with assessment reports on your printing department. So, if you want to know if your printers are working properly, how much printers cost, or if your documents are safe, contact print management. They monitor all printing activities and oversee your hospital printing operations by themselves.

How Print Management Develops Strategy To Streamline Health Care Processes?

Print Management develops their strategy in the following way to give you the most efficient and streamline working environment in your hospitals.

  • They begin with a printing audit, which looks at the organization’s demands, cost, consumption, and physical footprint.
  • Then they calculate the overall printing cost which comprises supplies and maintenance support.
  • After that, they compare the amount with managed print services.

Final Thoughts

The print management provides awareness of the technical capabilities of printer hardware and software. They demonstrate how hospital organizations can maximize their investments by utilizing their printer fleets as document management centers. Moreover, they create printing infrastructures that are optimized for efficiency and security. They build such infrastructure that allows mobile workers to reach and print from the nearby printers using their own mobile devices. Therefore, it’s beneficial to implement print management in your healthcare departments.