App Like Meesho

How To Build An App Like Meesho And Dominate The E-commerce Market?


Physical shopping is fun, but the chances of viewing a wide variety of options are extensively low. Thus E-commerce apps and websites serve as the hub for buying a wide range of products in one place. It serves as a platform that connects the wholesalers with the retailers and the buyers. A social e-commerce app like Meesho can create a chance for evolving multiple small businesses.

An Outline About Meesho:

Meesho is a Bangalore-based social e-commerce platform founded in 2015. It enables many opportunity-seekers to successfully step into the reselling business and gain profits without any investment. On the other hand, online shoppers can get their desired products at a relatively lower price directly from the wholesalers.

What Makes Meesho Outstanding From Other E-commerce Platforms?

While Amazon and Flipkart are pioneering the online shopping world, Meesho has created a whole new experience. Unlike other online shopping marketplaces, Meesho enables users to begin their online reselling business and earn money.

How To Develop An App Like Meesho?

In order to get into online reselling app development and gain fruitful results, it is vital to follow the key steps discussed below,

  • Do sincere market research to understand the requirements of the market. This can help you to determine the key factors to include in your app to make it remarkable among the users.
  • Have a precise understanding of what you want to give your audience through your app. It is wise to have one clearly defined objective rather than possessing many.
  • Consult a reliable app development company that extends the best Meesho-like app development. Get your hands on the 100% customizable solution which enables you to customize your app to a great extent and create an app that fits all your requirements.
  • Deploying a scalable solution will allow you to expand your app in the future when your business reaches new heights.

Salient Features Of Meesho Clone App:

The features of the app determine user convenience. So it is vital to include all the key features that are discussed below. You can also add additional features to boost the overall performance of your app.

  • Registration:

The users undergo a quick registration process by entering the required details such as name, contact details, etc. Apart from the regular long sign-up process, the users can also register quickly using the social media login. This eliminates the need to fill the never-ending forms.

  • Advanced Filter And Search Bar:

There is an ocean of products overflowing in the app. In such a case, finding the desired product is tiring and extremely difficult without the help of an advanced search bar. Therefore integrate your app with a robust filter and search toolbar that allows the user to set a parameter and find a product that fits their expectations.

  • Product Catalog:

Categorizing the products according to the product type will allow the users to gain a seamless search experience and also have a positive impression of the app. Thus the product catalog categorizes and displays the product according to its type and allows the users to have a quick glance at the products available on the platform.

  • Add To Cart:

The users can add their desired stuff to the cart. An online reseller app like Meesho allows the users as well as the resellers to choose the products from a particular wholesaler and add them to the cart. Upon reviewing the products again, they can successfully place the order in just a few steps.

  • Wishlist:

There are times when the users might be interested in a product but desire to buy in the future. In that case, the users need not want to do the whole searching process again. The wishlist feature allows the user to bookmark their desired products and find them easily anytime later.

  • Social Sharing:

A social eCommerce app like Meesho is well known for its easy product detail-sharing ability. The users and resellers in the app can easily share and sell the products on multiple social media platforms. Thus the social sharing app allows the resellers to share the product information and make profits quickly. This also helps the entrepreneurs to gain a wide reach among the audience in no time.

  • Real-time Tracking:

Enable your users to know the whereabouts of their products in real-time. This will keep the customers updated about every movement of the delivery process. Thus it helps you to gain the user’s trust in your app and draw the attention of many in no time.

  • In-app Chat:

The wholesalers and the customers can communicate with each other through the app itself. The in-app chat feature makes it easy to clarify any doubts regarding the product and the delivery. Thus in case of any customization or bulk order, the customers can ping the wholesalers and have a seamless online shopping experience through your app.

  • Multiple Payment Methods:

The payment process is completely turning digital these days. The evolution of various mobile payment wallets creates a demand for you to integrate your reseller eCommerce app like Meesho with multiple payment gateways. This enables the users to choose their convenient payment mode and make instant fund transfers to place an order swiftly.

  • Ratings And Reviews:

Upon completion of each successful product delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the product as well as their experience with the app. This key feature will greatly help you to know about the drawbacks of your app and allows you to rectify them at the earliest and enhance the user experience.

  • Push Notifications:

In order to retain the existing users of your app, it is crucial to keep them updated with every happening in the app. Therefore send consistent push notifications regarding the order, delivery process, upcoming offers, discounts, and other promotional notifications.

  • Refer And Earn:

This is one of the efficient ways to magnify the popularity of your app effortlessly. Users can share their referral code with their friends and family to join the app. For each successful login using the code, the user receives reward points. The reward points can be redeemed at the time of ordering.

To Make Along Story Short,

In this growing online shopping culture, it is the right time to launch an app that provides the utmost benefits to the end customers as well as the resellers. Therefore without any further delay, consult a reputed app development company that provides extraordinary reseller E-commerce app development solutions.