Clubhouse Clone

How To Launch An Engaging Audio-Based Platform With A Clubhouse Clone?


Have you ever thought of launching an audio-based social media app? If so, then you are going to seek a fortune with the Clubhouse clone. And a remarkable identity in the trending industry. This blog is absolutely for curious entrepreneurs who wish to explore the online sphere and make a profit from it.

Why To Prefer Clubhouse Clone Script?

Developing an app can be a tough time for starters, but the Clubhouse clone script is here to get rid of the hectic work. Thinking about how? The core benefit of the clone script is that there is no need for the entrepreneur to start from scratch. And, thereby, it provides them with the complete source code and is completely packed with essential features.

If you are going to opt for ready-made solutions from the app development firm, then there are numerous solid, beneficial solutions available. For instance, even if you are not tech-savvy, the app developers will offer you a tech stack for your online audio-based app. It also helps you to be less spendthrift and saves a lot of time. Thus, the Clubhouse clone script is a perfect choice for you to venture instantly.

Revisiting Clubhouse Inception:

The clubhouse is basically an audio-based social media app that was initially available only on iOS devices. It was launched in the year March 2020 with around 1,500 users in total. But gradually, it hit its peak when it was available on all the devices and removed the invite-only option. Users from all parts of the world poured in to utilize this app, and thereby the reach of the app was humongous. Take a view into the spellbound statistics of Clubhouse.

Quick Look Into Stats:

  • According to a recent report, there are nearly 2 million active users per week.
  • The clubhouse has crossed 13 million downloads as of April 2021.
  • The first influencer on the Clubhouse platform was Sheel Mohnot.
  • Furthermore, there are more than 180 investors on this app.
  • Apart from this, there is also a ground talk regarding the start of the Creator Grant Program.
  • Thus, Clubhouse is an essential platform that drives celebrities and other elites into it in the nick of time.

Ravishing Features Of White-Label Clubhouse Clone:

Although there are many aspects that levitate your app in the online industry. But, integrating with ample features is the core essence to enhance the app’s growth. Let’s check out the ravishing features that ought to be integrated into your white-label clubhouse clone.

Alluring Hallway:

The hallway is referred to as the news feed, where the users can view the chat rooms and the details of the discussion topics. Through this, the users can select clubhouse rooms for a discussion, and on the other hand, they can listen to it.

Clubhouse Rooms:

The clubhouse rooms are the discussion rooms where the conversations occur, and the users from various spheres can engage to make it more interactive. It depends on the host whether to make it a private or a public chat room.

In-App Calendars:

It is a casual thing to forget the scheduled meetings or other important events. In order to make the users attend their favorite chat rooms on time, this in-app calendar is the best feature. Through the in-built calendar, the time and date for a meeting will be marked, thereby reminding the users to join before the session begins.

Push Notifications:

The push notification plays a major role in building a bridge between the customers and your Clubhouse clone app. You can send messages to the users regarding the speaker of the chat rooms that they are in.

Advanced Search Filter:

The specialty of this clubhouse is that numerous chat rooms on different fields are listed, and it is indeed quite hard for the users to search for the desired clubhouse rooms. In that case, they can apply the advanced search filter option to their search, and it will instantly navigate to their desired field. This helps the users to have entertainment and knowledgeable conversation without further delay.

Activity Tab:

Through this activity tab, the users can check the number of users in a chatroom, the followers, new members, and all the activities of the chat rooms.

Now hope you are clear with the basic features of the clubhouse clone, and in addition to this, you can also integrate the features that will attract the users in a massive way. Why don’t you get mesmerized by the multiple ways to generate revenues?

Revenue With Clubhouse Clone App:


When it comes to social media platforms, advertisements are a great source for generating revenue in the nick of time. With your interactive Clubhouse clone app, you can allow your business members to advertise on your thriving platform. This will enhance your to earn a profitable business in the future.

Membership fees:

Almost all social media platforms are free to use. But, when it comes to certain features, they can only be accessed through membership. Likewise, you can set membership fees for the users to access certain features and levitate your business in a profitable way.


When you have engaging and highly interactive sessions on your platform, then you are eligible to get sponsorships. The brands will connect with your platform to make a visibility of their brand worldwide. You can keep availing of sponsorships from ruptured brands.

Ask me anything:

This is a live session where your users interact with their followers and make it engaging throughout the period. This allows the users to get profited instantly, and at the same time, you can fix a commission fee for it.


Apart from the above-mentioned ways, selling the products of a popular star to fans will drive the user’s attention. Thereby the owners can directly sell the products to the other end users.

What Are The Benefits Through The Clubhouse Clone?

  • A voice-based platform is great for gaining a massive audience from different spheres. In this case, it has a potential customer base benefit, and the businesses can promote their products and services through communication with the users. This helps them to turn them into real-time customers.
  • Secondly, It helps to resolve the communication barrier between the business and customers. This helps them to maintain healthy communication and helps them to attain instant growth in their business. Thereby, your clubhouse clone would be a great platform for their interactions.
  • Thirdly, branding of a product can be efficiently done through your platform. Yes, businesses can promote their products and services to the customers and allure them to buy them from them.
  • Last but not least, Your platform strives to keep the customers entertained and engage in the interaction between the brand and customers. Through your platform, businesses get an opportunity to make customers enthusiastic with multiple innovative features.

Winding Up,

To conclude, be a trendsetter in the audio-based social media industry with your white-label clubhouse clone. Stand a chance to allure a massive audience to your interactive platform. Hasten up to the competitive market now!