Uber App for taxi

Are You The One Planning To Launch An Uber-Like App For Taxi On Android And iOS?


Urban cities these days are filled with traffic, and car maintenance is not an easy task. Thus people neither desire to buy their own cars nor use public transport. The jam-packed buses and trains make it difficult to travel. The best affordable and alternative way is to book a cab. This ongoing situation led to a spike in the number of ride-hailing apps.

Americans, on average, spend 42 hours sitting in traffic every year while traveling to and from an urban area, as reported by the texas transportation institute’s Urban mobility scorecard.

How do develop a ride-hailing app like Uber?

Uber is a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry. Uber gained so much popularity among users due to its advanced features and convenient user interface. Looking at the growth of Uber, many ride-hailing apps were launched in the market. Yet, the number of users is rising each day, and no downfall is seen. This forced the development of the clone app of Uber. It is crucial to consult a reliable app development company for building a robust ride-hailing app.

There are two methods to build an Uber-like app for taxi business which are,

  • You can build a robust ride-hailing app from scratch. It involves developing an app from the very beginning without any head start.
  • The next method is to develop an app using readymade taxi app solutions. The clone script is nothing but a pre-built app that upon customization, can be launched according to your business needs.

Before getting into the development of the Uber clone app, it is vital to know how the app works.

Workflow of Uber-like app for a taxi:

Upon installation and login, the users can enter their destination and find a cab available in their close proximity. Meanwhile, the trip request is sent to the drivers for them to accept. Once the driver confirms the trip, the user can contact the driver through the in-app chat/call feature. The users can track the arrival of their cab in real-time. And live navigation is seen in both the customer as well as the driver app. Upon successful completion of the trip, the users can pay the trip cost via the in-app wallet or also use pay with cash. Both the drivers and customers share their feedback after each successful trip.

The Uber taxi clone script is comprised of all the key features and performs just like that of the parent app. While you get your hands on the Uber-like app for taxis, make sure the following features are available in your app.

Features of Customer app:

Sign up/log in: Allow your users to sign up to your app easily via multiple sign-up options.

Booking a ride: Users can just enter their destination and find the nearest available taxi. Upon selection, users can book a taxi instantly.

Scheduled booking: Apart from booking on the go, users can also schedule their booking to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Auto-location: With in-app GPS, the users do not need to know their location for booking a cab and also track in real-time.

Ride-history: The app stores the data of each trip of the user using the app. Thus they can view it at any time later.

Cost calculator: Before booking a cab, the users are provided with an estimate of the cost of the trip using the cost calculator.

SOS Alert: To ensure the safety of the users, provide an SOS button in your app, which upon clicking, notifies the admin panel as well as the saved contact numbers.

In-app wallet: Users can either pay with cash or transfer money to the app wallet and pay instantly.

Push notifications: To retain the existing users, keep your users updated with consistent notifications about any activities occurring in the app or other promotional notifications.

Customer feedback: After completing each trip, users can share their feedback about the trip and rate the driver.

Features of Driver app:

Registration: The drivers register to the app by providing the required details, which upon verification are confirmed by the admin panel.

Live navigation: The in-app navigation directs the driver to the customer’s location with optimized routes. Thus the driver can reach the customer’s location quickly.

Online/Offline mode: The drivers can switch to online or offline mode based on their availability.

Ride history: The driver can track the record of all the details of their past trips.

Instant request: The app notifies the driver about any upcoming trip requests made by the customers.

Account integration: Drivers can connect their bank account with the app to directly receive the payments made through the app.

Notifications: Any activities happening in the app are instantly notified to the driver with consistent notifications.

Feedback: The drivers can share their feedback after the completion of each trip, just like the customer app.

Benefits of developing a Uber-Like App For Taxi business:

  • As it is a ready-to-launch solution, you can deploy an app in a short period of time without compromising on the performance of the app.
  • By using a white-label solution, you can build a tailor-made robust taxi app with all the key features at an affordable cost. This is the major reason why many entrepreneurs prefer to buy a ready-to-launch app.
  • A white-label app will increase brand visibility and grab the attention of a vast number of users.
  • If you are already in the taxi business, you can create your own platform and expand your business swiftly. Therefore, depending on a third-party platform to exhibit your service is no more in need. Thus you can boost your savings by eliminating the commission charges.

To wrap up,

The demand for ride-hailing apps that provide the utmost convenience and benefits to their users is consistent. Therefore deploy a Uber-Like App For Taxi with advanced features and potentially gain a vast number of users right away.

Deploying a scalable white-label solution will allow you to expand your app as your business grows. It is the right time to step into the on-demand ride-hailing industry and flourish in your business in no time. Without any further delay, get going with the development of your dream app.