SuperRare clone

Modernize Your Business By Launching A SuperRare clone


The NFTs and NFT marketplace are the hot potatoes of the crypto world. Almost every one of us must have come across the term NFT in one way or another. Such a massive reach is majorly due to the advancements of the crypto world. Thus, go with this trend by launching an NFT marketplace like SuperRare.

An Overview Of SuperRare:

SuperRare is an extraordinary NFT exchange platform that is soaring high with a vast user base. It boasts nearly ninety million digital art. The artists are paid a royalty value of more than three million U.S dollars as of today. There is no specific founder of SuperRare as it is a DAO. The exchanges in the platform are done using the currency called RARE. It is an ERC-20 token embedded on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The trading volume of SuperRare in the last 24 hours is $10,392,861 USD, with a live market cap of $181,046,403 USD.

How To Develop A SuperRare Clone?

The SuperRare clone is a ready-made NFT marketplace solution that is pre-built with all the key features and performs exceptionally well. A white-label SuperRare solution will enable you to launch your platform into the market within a short span. Before getting your hands on the development process, it is vital to understand how it works. Therefore, let’s discuss the workflow of the NFT marketplace development like SuperRare in the forthcoming passage.

The Working Mechanism Of The SuperRare Clone:

  • The foremost step is to sign up for the platform. The users can join the marketplace by presenting all the required information.
  • The next crucial step is to link the crypto wallet with the platform.
  • The creators can mint the digital file into a non-fungible token on the blockchain technology by providing all the details such as price, name, description, etc.
  • The minted tokens are displayed on the storefront for the buyers to view and buy.
  • In the case of an auction, the creators can set the auction date and set an initial bidding price while posting.
  • The highest bidder receives the ownership of the token.
  • The ownership transfer occurs with detailed smart contracts.
  • The collected token gets stored in the crypto wallet securely.

The Revenue Model Of An NFT Marketplace:

Generating income is vital for any business to move forward. There are plenty of ways to monetize an NFT art marketplace like SuperRare. Thus, you will have to choose the right revenue model and implement it in your platform. Some of the effective money-spinning ways are discussed as follows,

Initial Setup Fees:

The creators can mint their digital assets into a non-fungible token on the blockchain network using the NFT marketplace. Then while presenting the minted token available for sale, the creators ought to pay a certain initial setup fee. As it is a one-time fee, the creators will pay the fee initially to exhibit their digital assets on the platform.

Listing Fees:

Upon minting a token, the creators can list them to attract potential buyers to approach. In order to do so, they will have to pay a listing fee for each non-fungible token. Upon successful payment, the token gets displayed on the storefront of the platform.

Minting Fees:

The minting of the digital file to a non-fungible token on the blockchain network is done using the platform. As the blockchain network is decentralized and utilizes the functioning of different servers across the world, there should be a certain fee. Thus, collecting the minting fee includes the gas charges of the token.

Transaction Fees:

Buying and selling digital assets are done with P2P transactions in an NFT marketplace. Upon the crypto wallet integration, the users can use their currencies or token in their wallet to buy, sell, trade, or store the digital collectibles. To make each transaction through the platform, a certain transaction fee is imposed on the users. Thus, consistent revenue flows to your app.

Benefits Of Launching An NFT Marketplace Like SuperRare:

  • The immutable and unique property of each non-fungible token makes it a reliable option for crypto collectors to invest in. Using the smart contracts that consist of all the information about the token as well as the owner, transferring the ownership is done without any hassles.
  • Once data is entered into the blockchain network, it is impossible to change. Any stakeholder present in the network can view the details of the particular non-fungible token. This decentralized nature proves that it keeps the hackers at bay.
  • There is no more need for any third-party brokers or intermediates to buy or sell an asset. Eminent artists around the world can easily sell their master artworks by connecting with potential buyers in the alluring NFT art marketplace like SuperRare.
  • The authentic owner of the specific non-fungible token receives a royalty price for each transfer of the ownership. Thus, the original owner of the master artwork gains consistent revenue as long as the NFT exchange occurs.

Why Is TurnkeyTown The Right Choice For SuperRare Clone Development?

TurnkeyTown is a reliable app development as well as NFT marketplace development company that is well-known for providing robust solutions. As we offer a completely customizable and scalable solution, you can always keep your platform that goes with the current trend. Our hard-core designers and developers can help you to customize and launch a SuperRare clone solution that meets all your expectations or even surpass them. You can also include additional features to your platform for enhancing the user experience and attracting many users to join your platform right away.

To Make A Long Story Short,

The limelight is on NFTs and the NFT marketplaces right now. Looking at the recent advancements, it is evident that there is a vast percentage of chances that NFTs are about to be utilized for various purposes. Thus get into SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace Development that matches the current trends and has a bright future. Without any further delay, get going with the development process right away and soar high in your business.