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Privacy Policy

This Policy explains how we collect information when using Gossip Pigeon sites, services, mobile applications, products, and content (“Services”). It also contains details on how we store, utilize, transfer, and delete personal data. Our goal isn’t merely to follow the law on privacy, and it’s all about earning your trust.

What We Gather And How We Utilize It

Advertisements do not support Gossip Pigeon, and as a result, we do not gather data to target advertisements to you. At Gossip Pigeon, we use tracking to ensure that our product runs smoothly. This covers simple product functionality like allowing our metered paywall to function and critical ones like tailoring which posts you view based on what we think you’ll like.

As a result, we collect information about your interactions with our network to provide you with the best possible experience when using Gossip Pigeon. You actively tell us some of this information’s, your email address, which we use to track your account or communicate with you). Other information depends on your activities while using Gossip Pigeon, such as which pages you read (including how much of each page you view and for how long) and how you utilize product features (like highlights, follows, and applause). Records of such exchanges, your Internet Protocol address, information about your device (device or browser type), and referral information are all included (how you got to a particular page).

This information is used to:

  • Providing, testing, improving, promoting, and personalizing services
  • Combat spam and other types of exploitation
  • Create non-identifying, aggregate data on how users use the Services

We may collect, store, and occasionally update information linked with that third-party account, such as your lists of friends or followers, when you create a Gossip Pigeon account and authenticate using a third-party service (such Twitter, Facebook, Apple, or Google). Without your specific consent, we will never post something through one of your third-party accounts.

Publication of Information

Gossippigeon will not share your personal information with other parties to provide or facilitate third-party advertising to you. We will never vend your personal information to a third party.

In some cases, we may share your account information with third parties, such as: (1) with your consent; (2) with a service provider or partner who fulfils our data protection standards; (3) with academic or non-profit researchers, with aggregation, anonymization, or pseudonymization; (4) when we have a good trust belief that doing so is required by law, such as according to a subpoena or other legal process; and (5) when we have a good faith belief that doing so will help.

Unless we’re forbidden by law or feel doing so may endanger others or cause illegal conduct, if we’re planning to reveal your information in response to legal procedure, we’ll provide you notice so you can contest it (for example, by seeking court intervention). Lawful requests for information regarding users of our services that we believe are improper will be refused.

Publicly Visible Data

Search engines may crawl your Gossippigeon user profile page, public interactions (such as claps or highlights), and post pages so that others searching for your name on Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing can find them. Users can post links to your material on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Data Retention

Gossippigeon relies on third-party manufacturers and hosting partners like Amazon for the hardware, software, networking, storage, and other technology it requires to run. Server logs and event logs are the two sorts of logs we keep. You authorize Gossippigeon to transfer, maintain, and utilize your information in India and any other location where we operate by using the Services.

Embeds From A Third-Party

Some of the content you’ll see on Gossip Pigeon isn’t hosted by Gossip Pigeon. These embeds are held by a third-party and embedded in a Gossip Pigeon page to appear as a part of that page. For example, movies from YouTube or Vimeo, gifs from Imgur or Giphy, audio files from SoundCloud, Twitter tweets, GitHub code snippets, or Scribd documents that appear in a Gossip Pigeon article. These files convey data to the hosted site the same way you would if you were accessing it directly.

Gossip Pigeon has no control over what data third parties gather or what they do with it in situations like this. As a result, this Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party embeds on Gossip Pigeon, and the third-party service’s privacy policy protects them.

Some embeds may request personal information from you, such as your email address, via a form linked to a Gossip Pigeon article. We try to keep bad actors off Gossip Pigeon as much as possible, and we don’t know what a third party might do with your information if you choose to give it to them this way. As previously stated, this Privacy Policy does not apply to their conduct. So, be cautious if you find embedded forms on Gossip Pigeon that ask for your email address or other sensitive information. Be confident you know who you’re giving your information to and what they say they’ll do with it.

Cookies & Tracking

When you return to our Services, we utilize browser cookies and other similar technologies to recognize you. We use them to log you in, remember your preferences (such as preferred language), measure email effectiveness, operate our paywall and meter, and personalize content and other services, among other things. Cookies are required for Medium’s core functionality because our metered paywall would not function without them.

Gossip Pigeon does not follow you across the web, and only your interactions within the Gossip Pigeon network are tracked (which encompasses and custom domains hosted by Gossip Pigeon).

Data Protection

To protect data transported to and from our site, we utilize encryption (HTTPS/TLS). However, we cannot guarantee security because no data transmission over the Internet is completely safe. You opt for the Service at your own risk, and you’re responsible for ensuring that your account is secure.

Modifications To This Privacy Policy

Gossip Pigeon reserves the right to make changes to this Policy, and we’ll let you know if there are any substantial changes. The most contemporary version of the Policy will always be available here, and previous versions will be archived here.