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Why Should You Contemplate Urban Company Clone For Your Handyman-Services Platform?

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Stuck in a tight schedule and not being able to complete the household chores is a great hectic for all the users. The on-demand apps emerged in order to fulfill this stressful work simultaneously resolving the customer’s requirements. With the urge for on-demand home-based services, you can hop on to developing a platform exclusively for the users. Get in contact with the app development firms to grab your Urban Company app clone development. In this blog, you will understand the niches of launching an app in this current situation.

Overview Of UrbanClap:

The UrbanClap was established in the year 2014 by Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj Bhal, and Varun Khaitan. This platform paved the way for business professionals to reach out to their market to the required audience on time. Users from various spheres utilized their mobile devices to efficiently book a service without further delay. Who would not love to get the services done right at their doorstep?

In general, the app is functioning profitably in more than 36 cities with more than 35,000 professional service providers. It has gained successful reach within a few years, and there are more than 5 million trustworthy customers. Thereby, when a user requests for service, with the quick match-making algorithm, it navigates to the service providers within their proximity level.

As it is a one-stop solution with multiple handyman services, users have preferred these platforms recently. And, it is a great benefit for you to step into this flourishing on-demand home-service industry right away. Let us have a vivid look at the stunning statistics of the Urban company/ UrbanClap app.

Vivid Look Into Its Stats:

  • As mentioned earlier, there are more than 5 million active users.
  • As per day, there are nearly 0.45 home service requests from the customers.
  • The UrbanClap platform has recently raised $255 million in financing and finalized with a valuation of $2.1 billion.
  • There is also a gift card option available on this platform, making the lives of the user’s loved ones happier and more cherishing.

What Is So Enticing About The On-Demand Home-Service Marketplace?

Who would not love to access the on-demand home services right at being in their comfortable place? Yes, this platform allows users to book any kind of home-based service. Beginning from repair services to business services, the customers can get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Launching the most fruitful app for the customers is indeed a great hit in the online marketplace with the fast-growing mobile apps. Therefore, it is indeed a profitable business for you, and it is high time to get along with the competitive market. So, If a customer needs a good haircut? Has the TV got repaired? Are there any events/ parties? Plumbing issues? Require the toilets to be tidy? Now, your Urban Company clone app would be the customer’s key source to access during the required or emergency period.

Dive into the multiple services that you can offer your customers with your app like UrbanClap.

What Are The Multiple Services Provided With Urban Company Clone App Development?

Urban Salon Services:

Your platform can act as an instant salon service for your trustworthy customers. If a customer has an unexpected party or function to attend, going out to the salon might take a long time. Drop your service providers right at the customer’s doorstep to provide them with a stunning makeover. You can include all the salon services such as haircuts, spas, pedicures, manicures, waxing, threading, body massage, and many more.

Wedding Services:

Suppose a customer has a wedding upcoming and is puzzled about all the requirements for the marriage, without a second thought. In that case, they can access your platform for any wedding-related services. Beginning from photoshoots to wedding planners, you can offer your customers access to it instantly.

Repair Services:

Is there a leakage in a water pipe? Or a circuit problem? Without having to search for the service providers in their neighborhood, the customers can seek the services providers within their proximity level through your Urban Company clone. This helps them to get the services to be done without further delay. Along with electrical and plumbing services, you can also avail yourself of numerous other repair services.

Tutor Services:

Now the students can learn right at being in their homes with the help of home tutors. Customers can request tutors for any subject. For instance, you can provide them with different tutors for different subjects like Mathematics, History, English, commerce, etc.

Health & Wellness Services:

Are customers being sick and unable to grab their medicine? No worries, make your app function as a pharmacist and make your delivery agents drop their pills at their doorstep while they are taking rest. Apart from this, you can also provide the customers with personal trainees, Physiotherapy, Yoga trainers and many more.

Design & Construction Services:

Make your customers living space more attractive and secure by offering them multiple design and construction-related services. For example, you can offer them with Interior designer, CCTV camera setup, Painters, modular kitchen design, etc.,

Packing & Moving Services:

People shift more often and packing, and unpacking is quite hard in their busy schedules. With your handyman services platform, customers can use the service providers to pack and shift their home appliances much more safely.

Furthermore, you can integrate numerous other home-based services into your Urban Company clone script that would be beneficial for customers from all spheres. The services mentioned above are elaborated for budding entrepreneurs to get an overview of the multiple benefits you can add to your online platform.

Flaunting Workflow Of Urban Company Clone Script:

When you integrate ample and innovative features, it will enhance the flow of your platform better in the future. It is also an efficient way to grab the users to avail your platform for any quick access to the services. A rapid overview of the Urban Company clone script workflow is as follows.

Based On Customers App:

  1. The customers can register into your platform like UrbanClap using any of their social media platforms.
  2. Once it is done, the customers will be navigated to numerous services, where they can choose the required services. Apart from this, they can also prefer the service providers that they are comfortable with and proceed with booking services.
  3. Based on their availability, the service providers will accept the services and will drop on to the customer’s locations at the scheduled time and date.
  4. Furthermore, they can utilize the multiple payment features available on your platform to complete the payment.

Based On Service Providers App:

  1. The service provider will register and get verified by the admin.
  2. Secondly, they can start enlisting the services they are offering customers.
  3. Thirdly, the service providers will receive the request from the customers, and they can either accept it or decline it based on their availability.
  4. Customers can also decline the service if there is an emergency, and thereby, they will have to pay the cancellation fee for customers.

Insights Into It Revenue Model:

The online multi-home services have numerous scopes and include the best business models for each entrepreneur. Thereby, it paves the way for multiple profitable ways to generate revenue in the nick of time. A few are listed below.

  • Commission
  • In-app Advertising
  • Premium Providers

Winding Up,

To conclude, evolve as the prominent on-demand home-services platform with the Urban Company clone. Make a lucrative business in the competitive market and provide users with valuable services instantly. Accelerate your OnDemand business now!