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Guest posting has developed in acceptance as one of the top SEO practices for many websites, from narrative blogs to central administrations. One of the grimmest tasks for an internet business is getting your messaging to potential prospects. While a vigorous social media blueprint is always advantageous, seeing the results of your labor can take a long time. Guest posting can help in this situation. You can uncover many opportunities and expand your SEO techniques and broad reach by writing for us as we are one of the best guest posting websites you can find.

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Guidelines For Write for Us

Instead, please submit your guest post to demonstrate your knowledge to potential new clients. If consumers find your information useful, they will conduct their research on you. Similarly, our team will gladly use your material, accepting guest posts to make warm introductions to you when it’s appropriate.

We accept guest blogs from qualified, verified individuals who have unique perspectives and expertise in your field. You can write for us write for us guest posts that you have expertise in. We don’t receive any random stuff from your website. You want to create content that will entertain and educate your audience while establishing trust and authority in your industry. If you are interested and passionate about blogging, write for us!

Here is a short guideline that you can follow before you can become a guest blogger for us;

  • Posts should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long. This is a popular choice among our readers, and you’ll blend in nicely with the rest of our blog this way. Longer is also preferable.
  • Make your content relaxing to read by breaking it apart. To mend the readability of your blog post, use headers, subheadings, bullets, and any other visual components.
  • Write in a conversational, natural tone. We aim to offer authoritative material that isn’t robotic. Because we’re creating blog material rather than Wikipedia entries, don’t be afraid to show off your sense of humor. However, if your guest post were a movie, we’d like to see a PG-13 rating.
  • Original content is required. As guest pieces, we do not accept duplicate or syndicated content. We cannot publish your article on our blog if it has already been published elsewhere on the internet. If you quote another piece of work, include a link to it.
  • Always give credit to your sources. We recognize that you are an expert, but our audience might not. If you’re going to include some numbers (e.g., “open rates increased by 55 per cent overnight”), include a link to the source.
  • Discuss your practical experience. Discuss the mistakes you’ve made, the plans you’ve devised, and the methods you’ve implemented. To talk authoritatively about what you know, draw on your personal experience.
  • Take a stance. If you disagree with popular opinion on a subject, explain why the mainstream view is incorrect or misleading. The facts you state should justify your viewpoint. Take screenshots of your work. Include fascinating info. External references should be used to back up your claims.
  • As of gossippigeon guidelines we are charged Link insertions are also accepted: We charge $5 per guest post with a do-follow link. $5 per link(One link Free)

Ask Yourself the Following Questions as You Choose What to Write About:

  • Is this a topic that the target audience would be interested in?
  • Will this article provide answers (that do not necessitate purchasing my product)?
  • Is it true that I am competent to write on this subject?
  • What unique perspective can I provide to this subject that no one else can?

Outreach Tips In A Nutshell

  • Begin by establishing a list of 10 to 50 guest posting website for which you’d like to guest post.
  • Determine whether the site welcomes guest postings before proceeding.
  • Instead of competing with your peers, look for relevant sites blogs that accept guest post.
  • Attempt to find sites larger than yours, but not so much that you will be overlooked.
  • Remember to conduct keyword research regularly to uncover new chances.

Receiving Response To Your Pitches

After you’ve found the sites for which you’ll write guest post articles, you’ll need to figure out how to craft an incredible pitch that will ensure the blogger you’re contacting says yes every time.


What are some ways to make your guest post writing stand out from the crowd? Consider coming up with new perspectives on topics that have recently been covered or rehashing an old post and spinning it with new thoughts and updates. Make sure your title is memorable and attention-grabbing, and don’t be hesitant to include links to other significant things you’ve written. It’s fine to brag a little bit.

Personalize Every Outreach Email

One strategy does not work for all kinds of content even for top guest blogging websites. Sending the same template email to every site you pitch is bad. Make careful to personalize all of your pitch emails to the individual (and site). Include the person’s name (and the site’s name) and a rationale why your pitch should be taken into consideration.

Be Original

Make an exertion to link with the individual you’re communicating with. Evoke that there is an individual behind that website similar to how there is someone behind yours, and whether their blog is bigger or smaller than yours, we’re all human at the end of the day. Be yourself, and make it clear what you expect from them. People are more receptive than you might believe when it comes to effective outreach.

Finally, avoid spamming your prospects. Note all of your subsequent meet-ups in a bookkeeping sheet or other following report. Follow up a couple of times, and if they don’t react, cross them off your list.

Writing for guest blog posting site is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other bloggers, share your work with new audiences, and earn vital SEO backlinks. When executing your outreach, be friendly, straightforward, and unique. You will need numbers as a direct outcome to your strategies.

Gossip Pigeon ensure your content reaches your target audience and helps you achieve sales qualified leads. What are you waiting for? Come write for us now: support@gossippigeon.com